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SFR005 The Barried Garden EP @ Online Digital -Stompy-Beatport-iTunes &More - 12/13/2013
Presented by Soul Foundation   

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Barried Garden EP

Digital Release Date December 2013

SFR005-A   "It's Been So Long" 

'It's Been So Long' guides us on an excursion down a deep and dreamy path, backed by a punchy beat which invites even the most casual "Dance Music" fan to join the rest of us on the dance floor. Gentle, melodic synth tones create an early morning atmosphere to compliment the lovely, hypnotic guitar being strummed over a velvety bassline that keeps us locked in a groove. Spacey sounds echo along in the background, embracing the subtle hand drums and shaker sounds that lend an earthy ambience to the already organic feel of the track. 'It's Been So Long' works great in a nightclub setting as well as for just being a soundtrack to those nights where you just want to kick back and chill. 

Produced By Brian Gardner & Phil Barrie

Spanish Guitar By: Mateo Fabro

Keys By: Rick Gehrenbeck

SFR005-B   "Eightsixteen"

Modern House, and dubby Techno coalesce to create this intoxicating amalgamation that is 'Eightsixteen'. Layered percussion and a heavy kick drum keeps the rhythm moving along with a deep and minimal bassline that keeps the groove simple, but effective. Futuristic bubbles of sound and synth stabs echo throughout, creating a dense soundscape of atmospheric delight. 'Eightsixteen' is a well balanced piece which maintains an overall deep, moody and futuristic feel, while also managing to steer clear of being overtly dark. Fans of the deeper side of House, and Techno will both find this one to their liking.

Produced By Brian Gardner & Phil Barrie

Keys By: Rick Gehrenbeck

Drops exclusively on Stompy.com 11-30-13

Originally Released on Thought Records Chicago 2002 as a Limited Blue 12" Vinyl DBL EP with additional remixes by TONE.

info@soulfoundationrecordings.com for more info & bookings.

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