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Originally posted at www.dv8now.com

MikeAlike Ep @ Online Digital - 9/23/2013
Presented by Soul Foundation   

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BTMG Presents

"The MikeALike EP"


Soul Foundation Recordings are at it again, this time with a genre defying, boundary pushing little slice of dance music heaven called the MikeALike ep.




You are invited to an exclusive after party at a loft. This loft has no address, but it does have a name. Most people simply call it "Residential". At this party the most awesome unsigned, weirdo synth pop band that no one has ever heard of will be performing. The band will feature Male and Female vocalists singing over music made without a hint of irony, created on synthesizers and drum machines which the band members found while dumpster diving. Those amazing songs will sound just like this one. 

Produced by Brian Gardner & Todd Mariana as BTMG. Vocals by Mike Juliano & Brenda D

Additional Engineering by: Jon Gordon www.jongordanmusic.com




Recently dug up, and dusted off from the archives, "Drive", with it's Deep House core and Techno undertones is the most straight forward dance floor banger on the EP. Heavily processed vocals evolving under the track creates a feeling of moving forward. Fat synth and bass sounds are prevalent, keeping the track sounding as fresh as anything currently being released today, despite having been stuck in "unreleased track" limbo for more than 10 years. "Drive" can be looked at as one of those rarities that is actually pushing House Music into the future, when others are content to just recreate what has come before them.

Produced by: Brian Gardner & Phil Barrie as Barried Garden

Vocals by Mike Juliano & Brenda D



"Taking Control" brings to mind a time we all know and love. Yes, the glorious 80's, when the 12" single was all the rage. A time when producers were really starting to experiment with sampling and often times the b-side of a single would be a song that the producers of the day made to see how much he or she could do with a sampler. Do you remember those times?. If not, take one listen to "Taking Control", a sample heavy, update of an old school groove.

Produced by Brian Gardner & Todd Mariana as BTMG in Chicago.

Vocals by Mike Juliano

Mastered by Todd Mariana at Deep Grooves Mastering in Chicago.



Digital Release date: September 2013

available on Juno Download 9/9

Available 9/23 at Beatport, iTunes, Stompy and more


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