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Originally posted at www.dv8now.com

COMMUNION 2.5 - The Butterfly Effect @ t.b.a. - 5/12/2012
Presented by Cleverpillar   

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The time is here again to commune... The Cleverpillar crew is back at it again with the 4th installment of our 5 part elemental series. This time we will explore the concept of "AIR". On Saturday May,12th, 2012 we co - create COMMUNION 2.5 - The Butterfly Effect with all of you angels O:).
 The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale changing of events. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. As we realize our connectedness to one another and all that is we achieve COMMUNION and that "feeling in the air" creates it's own Butterfly Effect. Let's come together to spread our wings again and see what can happen...
 Your Cleverpillar flight crew has been working around the clock for months to ensure this COMMUNION experience to be the most spectacular ever. Sit back, relax and put your tray tables in their full upright position and prepare for take-off. Cleverpillar airlines is taking you on a journey through "AIR" on Saturday May, 12th, 2012. Our destination... COMMUNION 2.5 - The Butterfly Effect. SEEYA THERE ANGELS O;)....

))) Vibrating the air inside your ears (((
*DJZ - (BrilliantlyMad)
*Nate Manic - (Bad Advice Records, Smartbar)
*Marcin Abekier - (Freakeasy)
*Duke Shin - (Bad Advice Records)
*GEARBOX & BLACKLION M.C. - (brute squad Chicago / wolf pack)
*Jon Simmons - (Soul Foundation, Style Matters, Smartbar)
*Jevon Jackson - (RARE SOUL)
*Searchl1te - (P.T.S.,WNUR)
*Slippery Pete X Puffs Baggswelle (Cleverpillar,Ruff Music,DSTRKTKN KRW)
*Micheal Una - (Psymbolic)
*F8less - (P.T.S.,WNUR)
*RYot - (Cleverpillar, Safety Third)
*Brian Gardner - (DEEP records, Soul Foundation)
*jAspErwOckY - (WNUR)
*Striz X Justin Reed (ILL Measures,Freakeasy)
*JEEKOOS (P.T.S., Dubfront Records)
*Joncatt (Cleverpillar)
*Los Hamburgler (Cleverpilllar, Substance)
*Captain Magic (Safety Third)
*Good Evening

*Mark Lerro
*Nag Mani - (Ringing Ear Records)

:OO: High Flying Performances :OO:
^Jill Heiser - Aerial Silk
>Pyrotechniq - Flags
^Shorty Belle - Aerial Silks
^Erin Rigik - Trapeze
^Cheshire Reval - Aerial Silk, contortion, hoops,

>Colin Breen - Glow Flow
^Danielle Gennaoui - Aerial Lyra
>Shannara Bathory - Tribal Fusion
^Kristine Day - Aerial Lyra
^Sylar Brodie - Glow Flow

>Dizzy Delila - Hoop Faerie

>Feral Minnette - Shibari, Burlesque

/// Breath Taking Artists and Installations\

+Iris Iris Pasic - Ambidextrous Painting
+Amy Joiner - U.V. Bodypainting
+Eric G. - Live video mixing (Psymbolic)
+Live Silk Screening by Bee Bop of Sew Op
+X Labs Chicago - Monster Etymology
+Justin Wiederman - Air Spirits, Interactive Sculpture
+Chauncey Neam - Ether creatures, Air Sculpture
+Thomas Jude - Air Sculpture, Interactive Sculpture
+Alicia Mitchell - Human Airbrushing
+Elysia Lock - Painting With Light

 +Micheal Una - Interactive Playground - (Psymbolic)
+Devin Bean - Live Painting - Interactive Muraling
+Zac Franzoni - Live Painting
+Gordon Kummel - 3-D You

=== Ethereal Guidance ===
~Jen Vivian - Massage
~Jon Sacelli - ANGELYNX Readings
~Mr.Vibes - Palmistry

~Katie Forbes - Kundalini Healing
~Mark Lerro - Opening Yoga
~Nicole Davis - Body/Energy work

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